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RP Log.

Now this was an RP that Hao and I did the other night, although he is unsure whether he will actually use Shouwa as he final character the RP Log is still serving a purpose. I'm posting it not only as an example of how to RP, for those of you who are unsure, but it also acts as an example of how to post the RP Logs. Since this whole RP isn't very serious it isn't required that you post the Log but, it is preferred. Also, make sure you scan the Log for typos and the like.

Hisashi Shouwa: "Bluuue moooon," Shouwa crooned to himself as he walked along the path towards the front office. "You saw me standing alooone. Without a dreeeam in my heaaart, without a looove of my ooown. Without a love of my own!"

Ignoring any odd looks he may have been the recipient of as his blue head bopped around, he grabbed the doorknob to the office building. Instead of just pushing it open, he chose to leave it cracked then hip-bump the door the rest of the way open.

Only once the clatter from the door crashing against the wall from being slung open so harshly had died down did he realize he'd never been in the front office before and had no idea where he was supposed to me headed. Luckily, he had a fool proof way of choosing which way to go.

"Eenie, meenie, minie, moe...catch a tiger by the toe..." he mumbled to himself.

MiyamaKatsuya: Katsuya bounced down the hallway practically squealing with joy. He recieved the typical odd looks and greetings from people as he passed by them. With bright smiles and waves he returned the sentiment. After arriving in front of the main office he opened the door and peered in. Much to his dissapointment, the new Vice-President didn't seem to be there yet.

His forehead knit and his bottom lip shot forward into a pout. Quickly he resolved to search for him and tore away from the office, shoes squeaking on the tiled floors. Katsuya rounded a corner then squealed and he collided with a, rather indecisive looking, boy. A screech resounded down the hall as he tumbled over.

Hisashi Shouwa: At first, he didn't even seem to realize the floor was there, much less that he was sprawled out on it.

"-told me to choose the very best one, and it is... Everything's sideways... OH!" It finally sank in that he was laying on the ground. "Hey there little buddy!" he said with an odd smile on his lips as he sat up, seeming perfectly content to simply hang out on the floor.

His eyes widened a bit, though, a sudden look of realization dawning over his features. One hand shot out and grabbed Katsuya's leg and held it up in front of his face, seeming entranced with the plaid pattern on his pants. "Hey!" he said in a voice too soft to be yelling but too loud to just be talking. "Yours match mine! This means you know where your going! Great! Show me where to go!"

MiyamaKatsuya: With his head tilted to the side Katsuya blinked and promtly examined his own pants then, looked at the other boy's. "So they are but, what are you looking for anyway?" He chimed brightly as he rose from the floor and dusted off his pants.

After a moment, he extened his hand to the other boy. He had barely even registered that it might be odd to just assume someone would know where they were going because they had the same pants. Not only that but, he should have recognized Shouwa because, he had been sent a picture a while ago, alas, he hadn't even looked at the picture or any of his information for that matter.

"Come on, come on! I can lead you where ever you need to go! I am the President, afterall." He stated proudly; grinning widely.

Hisashi Shouwa: While most people whould have just taken the prooffered hand, Shouwa didn't. Not to say he didn't accept the help. He simply latched onto the entirety of Katsuya's arm and used that to drag himself back upright.

Once on his feet, he seemed to be a bit spaced out, unsure of where he was. His eyes were slightly unfocused as he stared at Katsuya with one eyebrow raised at an alarmingly sharp angle.

"Waitaminutewaitaminutewaitaminute," he said quickly. "You mean my boss is a midget?!"

Seeming unwilling to believe that Katsuya was that short, or something of the sort, he put his hands under Kayu's arms and lifted him up off the floor, peering under his feet as if there were something there to see.

MiyamaKatsuya: Katsuya squealed as he was lifted off the ground, his legs flailing. He didn't exactly think midget was the right word to use but, he supposed he was pretty short in comparison, was what he though later on but for the moment he continued flailing like an idiot.

"Why did you pick me up?!" He whined, another pout creeping to his lips as he looked at Shouwa. "I like being short."

The pout was soon fully obvious but, after a few moments he stopped flailing and fell still. This was just too odd, not only was his new Vice a million times taller than him but, he seemed to be just as quircky, if not more so. "So so, are you going to put me down?"

Hisashi Shouwa: "Well, aren't you just the most precious little thing!" he squealed, plopping Katsuya on his feet again, but then seizing his cheeks and pinching them a bit.

With a simultanious pat on each of his cheeks, Shouwa dropped his hands and stood up as prim and proper as he could, though a slouch still drug him downwards slightly, and his head tipped to the side.

"Fuku-kaichou Shouwa reporting for duty, SIR!" he shouted as if he were a soldier, even going to salute, but quite lazily. Instead of actually saluting, his hand missed his head entirely and grazed past his ear before falling back to his side limply.

MiyamaKatsuya: Rubbing his cheeks absently, he started at the volume of Shouwa's voice. "Aa, It's nice to meet you Shouwa-san~!" He chimed in response, his hands dropping down to his sides.

There was a pause of silence before Katsuya realized that he had forgotten to actually introduce himself. "Oooh! I'm Katsuya, but since you're going to be working with me you can call me Kayu! All of my friends call me that and..don't call me sir." The tip of his tounge stuck out as he wrinkled his nose. "I'm not fond of that word, at all. Not even a little bit."

Hisashi Shouwa: A small shudder rippled through his form at the word "work." He couldn't help it, though. Work was one of those evil little four-lettered words. Which led to some confusion as to why he accepted the position as vice president.

But that was easy. For the power, the (almost) absolute power. And, cue the maniacal laughter.

"Mwa ha ha ha ha," he mumbled under his breath lightly. Then he snapped out of it, of course, without even realized he had cackled out loud. "Kayu, eh? Yuka would be better!"

A decisive nod punctuated his statement as he whirled on his heel and began making his way towards the office. ...Or he would have, had he been walking in the right direction.

MiyamaKatsuya: "Yuka?" Katsuya whined "But butbutbutbutbutbut, well...uh, okay." His head dropped down in defeat but, it soon shot up again as he saw Shouwa walking off in the wrong direction.

Quickly, he bound after he and grabbed hold of his arm, leading him towards the office. "Nooo! This way, this way! That's back the way you came from, silly." To make sure he wouldn't wander off again Katsuya held on the boy's hand. "You're going to have to learn your way around the school soon. You have to act as a guide sometimes!"

He wasn't so sure about his new Vice, he seemed a little wishy-washy. He had most definately been hoping for someone who loved to do lots of work...that way he could avoid doing any. Alas.

Hisashi Shouwa: "What?" Blinking rapidly, he pushed his hair out of his face with his hand that wasn't being commandeered by Kayu's steering. "Tour guide? Oooh no! No no no. I don't look good in gloves and I can't drive a bus."

The saddest part was that he seemed quite serious.

"Maybe we could hire someone? Yeah! There's gotta be loads of money in the treasury!" he said, already formulating some plan in his head. "Oh, but hey, the paths aren't big enough for a bus. How am I supposed to be a tour guide then? Does that mean we don't have to hire anyone? Great! If there's money int he treasury left over at the end of the year, we get to keep it, right? Even better! I need some new shoes, anyways..."

MiyamaKatsuya: "Noooooo! Not on a bus! You just show them around! And and and we can't hire people, it's our job to help people!" He said with a quick nod. He had a determined look upon his face but, it shortly dissolved into an excited grin. "I never thought about the treasury before....oh! We don't even have a treasurer."

He paused shortly and placed a finger on the side of his face as he though. Suddenly, his eyes lit up and he grabbed Shouwa's other hand and jumped up and down excitedly. "If we raise lots and lots and lots of money for the school I'm sure we could have some of it! Then like, we could go to the zoo..or something!!" He squealed, eyes shining brightly.

As per usual, Katsuya is completely getting sucked up into other peoples ideas. His brain was now churning through different ways of raising money.

Hisashi Shouwa: Shouwa was, sadly, just as excited. His eyes were open wide enough to see white all the way around, leaving him in an excited/suprised sort of expression. Although, his eyes were nearly always like that, but this time they were lit up with anticipation.

"Oh wow!" he cried, jumping up and down, though more stiffly than Kayu. "If we go to the zoo, can it bit the really big one down town? They have the best balloons! Will you by me a balloon, kaichou? Pretty pretty please?!"

MiyamaKatsuya: Katsuya squealed and proceeded to dance on the spot. It had been a long time since some one had made him so excited about something, normally, he just ended up this way on his own

"A balloon? I love those! What colour do you want? I like green ones." He chimed happily while he blinked his eyes cutely. At this point people were turning around completely instead of waking past them. "WAIT. How are we going to make money?! I don't think the treasury has very much in it."

His jumping ceased but, he retained his grip on Shouwa's hands. He seemed to be thinking as he chewed on his bottom lip, nose wrinkling. "No money equals no balloons..."

Hisashi Shouwa: The sudden, terrible news that there would be no balloons made Shouwa stop like a mule and damn near cry. "But I really want a balloon! Balloons are like self propelled kites. But if you don't pay really good attention, they fly off," he babbled.

"Hobos!" he yelled, as if that were the answer to their monetary (and balloon) problems. "Hobos have those little cups and people give them money. And hobos are really ugly too! We're cute as hell, so if we had cups, then people would give us money too! I'll go get some cups!"

Having forgetten that he didn't know where he was going, Shouwa dropped Kayu's hands and went bolting out of sight, down the hall and around the corner. Three seconds later, he came bolting back around the corner again and stopped in front of Kayu. "Where are the cups?"

MiyamaKatsuya: Katsuya shaded his eyes as he watched Shouwa tear off into the distance, then suddenly return again. He bobbed his head in a quick nod. "The cup idea is good but, I don't know where the cups are either! We should ask the cafeteria lady! She always has tons of those." He cried, hopping from foot to foot.

Suddenly, his cheery expression fell from his face only to be replaced with a childish pout. "Mouu, we have to do some stuff in the office though. I don't want to but, we have to get you all set up."

With that he grabbed hold of Shouwa's hand again and practially dragged him down the hallway and into the main office. He kicked the door closed behind them, only to be frightened when it slammed with a loud bang.

Hisashi Shouwa: Shouwa responded to the dragging by attempting to water ski down the hallway, using his shoes as the skis, the floor as the water, and Kayu as the boat. This plan failed as he realized he was tripping more than skiing, so he went back to plain old walking, no matter how boring and not-skiing it was.

"Ooo," he crooned lightly. It would easily be presumed that he was stunned by the amazing amazingness of the office. He was staring at the door, though. "That was loud! Can I kick the door too? I wonder how loud I could make it bang. Blue balloons!"

MiyamaKatsuya: "No! The poor door has been kicked enough. In fact, I'm sorry door!" He said with a deep bow to the door. "I won't do it again!....maybe." With that he spun on his heel and walked over behind the main desk. After plopping into a rolling chair he gestured at Shouwa to come and sit in the chair beside him.

"Come on you! I can show you how to do stuff. Like um, assign rooms and...think of ways to make money and stuff. I dunno. Something!" His sentence trailed off into nothing and he ended up just shrugging cutely.

Hisashi Shouwa: "Alrighty," he agreed and plopped into the chair. It wasn't long before his mind was wandering, though. He hadn't even gotten his weight entirely off his feet before his eyes trailed up to the ceiling and lingered there, obviously contemplating something.

" you think I could get a pencil to stick into that ceiling?" he asked curiously. Unfortunately, he was already moving over and plucking a pencil out of the cup holding them on the desk and positioning it to give it on good toss up at the ceiling.

MiyamaKatsuya: "Huuh? Into the ceiling?" He asked as he turned his eyes to watch what Shouwa was doing. He contemplated his actions for a moment before shaking his head. "I don't think throwing it will work. Maybe if you stand on the desk and stab it in!" Katsuya nodded as he spoke and made a random stabbing motion.

As he pushed himself away from the desk, the wheels rattling softly, it occured to him that they had only been working for about 2 minutes. But, to be honest, he didn't really seem to care very much.

Hisashi Shouwa: There was a light clatter as the pencil was thrown, hit at a bad angle, fell back down, hit Shouwa in the face, bounced off, and landed on the desk. "Ow," he said blandly, not really sounding hurt as he leaned over to pick the pencil back up.

"You gotta throw it, though, kaichou! That's the whole point of the game. Cause the celing it made of some sorta styrofoam for the panels, so if you throw it juuust right, it'll stick!" He gave the pencil another toss and the same sequence as before repeated itself. "I got seventeen into the ceiling at my old school!"

MiyamaKatsuya: Whils shaking his head Katsuya rolled his chair forward again and snagged the pencil off the desk. With a small "oomf" he pulled himself up onto the desk and attempted to stab the pencil into the ceiling.

Alas, this failed, horribly. He was far too short to even reach the ceiling so, he simply was jumping up and down on the desk and making a sad attempt. After a few minutes he realized his failure and his shoulders slumped as he stared up at the ceiling longingly. "Shouwa-san. The ceiling is too far away." He grumbled, sounding as pathetic as he looked.

Hisashi Shouwa: This ceiling was probably made of something differant from his old school's, as the pencil plunked him in the head again and again as his tries went fruitless. "Auugh!" he finally growled and gave up, throwing the pencil against the ceiling as hard as he could... and getting hit in the head again, as it fell.

"I got it!" he cried, just as the pencil hit him in the head making it seem as if the hit had jarred something into place in his head. "We can have a bake sale! Then, we can get money for the zoo! And, if anything isn't sold, we get to eat it too! I hope there are lots of cookies. I love cookies. Especially ones with walnuts. Or macadamia nuts. Or almonds. peanuts, though. I don't like peanuts."

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