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Short! Yep.

Yep, the first real log. I'm going to be posting another one soon enough. A Cassius and Asia one no less. Actually, I need to work on Cassius' journal. I'm lazy, sue me. Er, only not really. These logs are random by the way, you don't have to post them. I just think it's an eat idea. Anyway, later days.

YasuhiroEiichi: Eiichi walked through the long winding hallways of the school his portfolio in one hand, a small pile of papers and his grading book on the other. He usually did all his grading in the classroom but today he was feeling extra giddy and decided that maybe just this once he could do it at the small cafe he often frequented, surely there would be no harm in it he didn't have another class for at least 3 hours and that was more than enough time to go and come back. With his mind consumed by the thoughts of a caffeine boost Eiichi wondered through the hallways carelessly, almost crashing into a wall once and now as he rounded the corner his body collided hard with a smaller form, his papers and grading book dropping to the ground and scattering all over the floor

MiyamaKatsuya: Katsuya squeaked as he was knocked to the ground, a flurry of papers falling down around him. He glanced up to see who he had bumped into only to be greeted by some one he definately hadn't expected. A bright smile made it's way onto his face and he bounced back up onto his feet. "Eiichi-Sensei~! I'm sorry about that, I didn't mean to crash into you!" He said with a quick nod as he scrambled around picking up the papers. It felt a bit strange running into him. He was thankful that Eiichi had let him spend the night but, it did lead to rather strange awkward moments. He certainly hoped that these might be avoided. After he finished collecting the papers Katsuya held them out to the older man, his hair mussed. "Here..."

YasuhiroEiichi: Eiichi stood by silently, momentarily stunned by the unexpected obstacle, his glasses askew on his face he muttered the younger man's name " Katsuya?..." It felt very awkward to be near the overly energetic youth...it was to be expected after what had happened at his place, he didn't exactly expect Katsuya to seem so carefree while in his presence now, and then again he was Katsuya after all. He watched Katsuya pick up his papers at top speed then hold them out to him. Taking the now un-organized bundle he quickly stuffed it into his portfolio and gave the younger man a weak, almost shy, smile "Thank you Katsuya and I apologize for running into you. I was more than a little distracted"

MiyamaKatsuya: "No no! No worries!" He chimed with a beaming smile, tilting his head to the side. "So, where are you headed, Sensei?" He held his hands behind his back and rolled his weight from one foot to the other. Although, he seemed carefree he was certainly feeling nervous but, he didn't really want to part from the other man so soon. He had never really thanked him properly for letting him stay. Some things had happened that he felt a little weird about now but, he didn't really know what to think. Shaking away his thoughts he leaned in with a cheery grin, awaiting a response.

YasuhiroEiichi: As Katsuya leaned in Eiichi was reminded that the guy had
no concept of personal space...perhaps it was because Katsuya was so trusting and...Demure? As weird as the word sounded when applied to one of his students it was a pretty accurate description, Eiichi tried his best to project a calm and collected appearance as he answered the young man. "I'm on my way to a cafe, I thought a change of scenery would help me concentrate while I added my students grades to my book, plus there is nothing like a cup of coffee to get me going...I was up pretty late last night." Giving him an honest smile Eiichi slowly slid to the other side of Katsuya as if making a sudden movement might set off the youth, all the while he continued to smile "Well I really must get going if I ever hope to come back in time for my next class..."

MiyamaKatsuya: Katsuya managed to grab hold of Eiichi's shirt before he slipped away and he tugged on it gently. "Sensei..." He said softly, eyes lowered. "Thank you for letting me stay at your house the other night. I don't know what would have happened if I was left alone there." He glanced away, suddenly shy before a nervous smile lighted upon his face. "But, I talked to Renka and I think we're okay now. Yeah...mostly anyway." He nodded a couple times, his smile changing again to return to it's usual brightness.

YasuhiroEiichi: "I enjoyed having you over at my house and I'm glad I could be of help." He smiled down at Katsuya...feeling a need to apologize for his behaviour said night " listen Katsuya...what I did that night...you know," Eiichi lowered his voice so that only Katsuya could hear "The kiss... it was not my place to do that and I apologize It was stupid of me." the older man bowed slightly and patted Katsuya on the back. "Well I'll see you later maybe?" He smiled.

MiyamaKatsuya: A faint blush splashed across Katsuya's face as Eiichi spoke but, he manged to keep up his bright smile. "No...It's okay! I understand." He responded, placing a finger on his cheek. He practically bounced on the spot, shoes squeaking on the floor. "I could come over some other time then, or something! It was nice!" The nervousness he felt before was fading away as he pushed any odd thoughts to the back of his mind to be forgotten. "I guess you're busy and stuff? Mooou, I suppose I'll see you later then."

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