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I love these two. Ah, robot.

Cassius Vladmir: Cassius slung his bag back over his shoulder as he padded down the hallway, feet making soft tapping sounds on the cement floor of the basement. His face was composed, not revealing any definate emotions. Absently, he glanced down at the piece of paper he was holding in his hand as he paused in front of a small, rather out of the way door. With raised eyebrows he comfirmed the room number then slipped inside. The room which greeted him was dimly lit and poorly cared for, leading to obvious assumptions about the school's funding for the P.E programs. There was no one else in the room for the moment and he took advantage of this solitude to find his locker. Glancing at the paper again, he attempted to open the locker but, the lock appeared to be stuck.

Asia Dante: Asia strode down the cold, dark, familiar hallway to wretched gym class. He preferred to get there earlier, so he didn't have to wrestle with his embarrassing gym strip in front of the other sweaty, ignorant beasts in his class. When he arrived in the locker room, he was startled to see a tall, serious looking boy tugging in frustration at his locker.

Cassius Vladmir: This wasn't exactly turning out to be a good day for Cassius, first he lost most of his belongings in the move and now his locker simply refused to open. With a sigh of frustration he released the lock, suddenly sensing another presence in the room. He turned his head quickly and was greeted by a rather expressionless boy. A faint smile tugged at the edges of his lips as he turned to greet him. "Hello. I do not suppose you might be able to help me open this locker?" He asked politely, tucking a hand into his pocket as he spoke.

Asia Dante: "Are you sure this is the right locker?" replied Asia. It probably was. Stupid low-budget class kept some people three to a locker. So far he was able to get one to himself, most likely because noone was comfortable with sharing with him. He skillfully turned the lock with one hand, while pushing the door in with the other. He kept his head down and his eyes focused on the lock. He couldn't help noticing how good looking the new student was.

Cassius Vladmir: "I suppose we are sharing a locker then?" He responded, watching the smaller boy undo the lock. After the lock clicked open Cassius reached down and lifted the lock from his hand, letting the cool metal rest in his palm. For a moment he fell silent, his thoughts organizing themselves quickly. Then, while tilting his head to the side he spoke up again. "Anyway, thank you for opening this but, perhaps introductions would be in order? My name is Cassius Vladmir, how about yourself?" He nodded slowly, practically bowing, then waited for a response with raised eyebrows.

Asia Dante: "Uh, I'm Asia," he said. He hated introducing himself becaise he loathed his name. It wouldn't be so bad if he didn't live in Asia. He wished desperately that he could chaNge his name, but it would crush his mother. Adele always had a way of getting him to do things. *Like this stupid gym class.* he thought. Asia stared past Cassius, at nothing in particular, his mind drifting to parental guilt when he realized that this nerw guy was talking to him. He licked his lips and turned back in.

Cassius Vladmir: "Pleased to make your aquaintance, Asia," he paused then, continued with a slightly amused smile, "I do not believe you are very fond of your name. It seems that way anyway." He was rather entertained by the other boy's distraction. Generally, the people he spent time with back home were very focused so, it was interesting whatever the case.

Asia Dante: "Yeah, I don't really," he replied, "I mean, having the same name as the continent I live on. Heh..." Asia had the suspicion he was being made fun of. He didn't know what to make of this boy who spoke oddly and may or may not be mocking him. This Cassius person made Asia feel dumb and disorganized; he hated the feeling. It got under his skin and made him feel dirty. Asia decided that he didn't like this cool, collected robot for a boy. He frowned slightly, and looked at him.

Cassius Vladmir: "Hm? Is something the matter?" he asked curiously as he unzipped his gym bag. Cassius was normally much better at conversing but for some reason Asia seemed uncomfortable around him. Gracefully he stepped out of his dress shoes and placed them neatly onto the top shelf of the locker. Afterwards he lifted his sneakers from the bag and placed them on the floor.

Asia Dante: "Wha? No, I'm good," Asia mumbled. *Something wrong, something wrong,* he thought, *Could it be maybe that you move and act like a character from Star Trek?* He chuckled, not sure if he did so out loud, or just in his head. Asia wondered where all the other boys were. He also wondered how he was going to get changed with this annoying robot just standing there, smirking at him. He most definately didn't want to change in front of him, but he didn't want to appear rude by going elsewhere, Like him or not, he didn't want Cassius to think ill of him. Asia grumbled, blinked twice at Cassius, heaved a sigh, and removed his

Cassius Vladmir: Cassius glanced over at Asia momentarily before shrugging and returning his attention to changing. He sat down on the bench and pulled off his socks, rolling them up neatly before placing them in his bag. Absently, he shot another glance at Asia then, removed his shirt folded it and placed it on the bench, beside himself. It seemed that he had arriveds rather early, afterall no one else had actually arrived yet other than Asia. *There does not seem to be anyone particularly friendly in this school either,* he thought as he began to undo his belt.

Asia Dante: Asia took out his gym shirt while kicking off his shoes, and pulled the shirt off while he negotiated his socks off with his toes. He looked up at Cassius then; he was beautiful. Muscular, but not unattractively so. *Of course he is,* thought Asia, *He was built to perfection in some lab.* He shed his pants, looked down at his pale, scrawny legs, and turned away from Cassius.

Cassius Vladmir: After he placed his belt into the locker, Cassius stepped out of his pants and folded them. He turned his head to look at Asia when the other boy turned away. Curious, he raied his eyebrows, but refrained from commenting. Afterall it was none of his business. He leaned over and rummaged through his bag, searching for his gym socks.

Asia Dante: Asia clenched his teeth and hoped he wasn't blushing. He wished he could just flot around, not caring about how he appeared to others, but he couldn't. There was something odd about that Cassius. There were a lot of things odd about him, steely-eyed robot, but there was something in particular, that he felt in his stomach and he didn't like it. Asia finished changing, tossed his bag into the locker, and walked towards the door. He over heard wo of the other guys talking, quite distastefully, about some girl they both "did" at some point in the recent past. He wrinkled his nose in disgust and glanced back at Cassius. At least he would never talk like that.

Cassius Vladmir: Cassius finished changing then, after making sure everything was neat, he closed the loacker and replaced the lock. As he turned to leave the change room he caught Asia glancing at him or at least he thought so. It wasn't an easy task for him to guess what the boy could possibly be thinking. He certainly seemed an enigma of sorts. Shoes squeaking softly on the floor, he walked over to Asia and placed a hand loosely upon his shoulder. "Asia. I was wondering if you would be willing to eat lunch with me? My treat."

Asia Dante: *'My treat'? Who actually says 'my treat'?* thought Asia, *I bet he has gobs of money to "treat" with too.* "Sure. Uh, I guess so." The robot boy looked pleased at this reponse; acalm smile grazed his lips. Asia wondered why this boy who was asking him out to lunch. *I'm sure he's got gobs of friends which he bought with his gobs of money,* He glowered. He rolled his eyes up to look at Cassius and attempted an insincere half-smile.

Cassius Vladmir: "I am glad. I do not really know anyone at this school yet. You are the first person I have actually spoken to," He said softly, his fingers sliding against Asia's shoulder as he pulled his hand away. Although, he was pleased that he had agreed at all, it was a little dissapointing that Asia seemed so reluctant. Cassius normally excelled at making friends, but people at J-Gakuen seemed rather put off by him.

Asia Dante: *No other friends, huh?," Asia thought, " Maybe those idiots here aren't as bad as I thought; maybe they'reon to his evil robot ways.* He tried for another smile, failing miserably, and turned to go. This guy was pretty 'touchy-feely' for a robot. Maybe he was just conpensating. Wjat was he going to talk about with him for the whole of the lunch hour? *Maybe I'll just pretend to be really absorbed by my food.*

Cassius Vladmir: Cassius stared blanky at Asia then, pushed the door open. He paused before stepping out, turning back to the other boy. "Shall we meet back here, or somehwere else?," he asked sfotly, leaning towards him. Cassius didn't really have a concept of personal space so, he often got unusually close to people.

Asia Dante: Asia narrowed his eyes; he felt the usual tightness in his stomach. He treasured his personal space. Well, it wasn't that he valued it that much, he just didn't know how to react. "Um, why don't we meet at the fountain?," He said taking two steps back. Did this guy not know how to act around people? Not being a person himself, it may be difficult for him but he seemed to have to be right next to you when he spoke. He did smell nice, though. What was that on his breath? Cherries? Maybe it was just his imagination.

Cassius Vladmir: He noticed Asia's discomfort but, figured that he was just being shy. Perhaps, he was a shy boy? Yes, that was probably it. A warm smile graced his lips then, he nodded his agreement. "Yes. That sounds fine to me. We candecide where to go from there. I am looking forward to it, Asia." He replied, making eye contact as he said the boy's name. Then, he stepped out of the locker room and into the gym. Cassius shielded his eyes as he looked up at the ceiling.

Asia Dante: Asia smiled weakly and turned. Geeze, was this guy coming on to him? *Sorry pal, I only go out with humans,* He thought. Ha, yeah right, like anyone would come on to him. All scraggly and scrawny, with freaky eyes. Freaky. Who had come up with that again? Maiko Aihara, chuugaku san. It stuck with him for years. At least it hasn't happened for a while. Cassius didn't seem to mind his eyes. *Maybe his electric eyeballs don't process colour,* he chuckled to himself and stepped into the gym.

To be continued...
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