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J-Gakuen - RPG

Rock on.

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Hello and welcome to the community for J-Gakuen. J-Gakuen is is a school based RPG but, what makes it, perhaps, a little special is the school its self.

The campus upon which J-Gak is situated is enormous and not only does it include dorms but, it also contains Primary through to University. Even before any of these special factors the thing which makes J-Gak the most Unique is it music base. Music is the main focus and not just learning how to play instruments or to sing but, also the bussiness of music. Obviously, since it is set in Japan it focuses mainly on Japanese styles of music but, it also deals with many foriegn types as well.

So, feel free to put in a application, (Forms will be avaliable shortly) Most of the RP'ing is done through AIM or MSN so, it'll reccomended that you have one but, it would probably be good if you had both. If not, alternatives may be worked out individually. Also, you must create a separate LJ for your character and write entries as if it was their actual journal. This community will mainly be used to post the RP logs and other such randomness. This includes moderator comments and information.

An important thing it note is that this RPG is completely Gay/Lesbian/Het friendly. None of these will be discouraged but, it is neccesary that you be 17 or older before you even consider joining. There are some rather adult issues and situations being dealt with here.